We know you might have some questions about OneMission and Mission Community Church. Take a look at the frequently asked questions below. In the coming weeks, we will also have some events where you will be able to join us to directly ask questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of OneMission?

OneMission is a fresh commitment - both individually and as a body - to the mission and vision God has given to Mission Community Church. Its purpose is to join together to direct each of our unique talents, resources, knowledge, time, energy, etc. toward that one mission and vision and to equip ourselves and each other to accomplish it through Christ, who strengthens us, for His glory. OneMission could be stated as a “commitment campaign” — a campaign in which everyone is leveraging the totality of who they are and what they have so that more people might meet, know, and follow Jesus.

Is OneMission a capital campaign?

OneMission is not a ‘capital’ campaign. Rather, it is a campaign to equip ourselves with whatever is necessary to accomplish the mission and vision that God has called us to as a church. Yes, as followers of Jesus we are called to live a lifestyle of extravagant generosity. But generosity is not only expressed through the giving of money. It is equally necessary to be generous with our time, energy, talents, resources, knowledge, etc. if we are to truly live out the mission of Jesus.

Does Mission Community Church expect to have a ‘capital’ campaign in the future?

Yes. God has blessed Mission Community Church through the generous giving of our church community and through the grace He has given to our leaders to steward those resources well, such that we are substantially ready to make a purchase of property when the right opportunity arises. However, at the appropriate time, we do expect that we will all be called as a church community to equally sacrifice our financial resources to outfit a new property for ministry, pay down a mortgage, or otherwise give to enable effective ministry in the new space.

Is Mission Community Church actively looking for a permanent space to call home?

Yes. For the last couple of years, Mission Community Church has been actively engaged with realtors to find more permanent space to do ministry and meet together. As you may know, some previously promising pursuits have not turned out to be the space for our community. However, there are indications in the current market that space may become more readily available and we have been actively reviewing available properties and positioning ourselves to be able to jump on the right opportunity when it arises.

What is Mission Community Church’s mission statement?

Mission Community Church exists to glorify God by helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and growth. This mission statement answers three questions:

  • Why are we here? The purpose of all creation, and humans in particular, is to glorify God (Isaiah 43:7; 1 Corinthians 10:31)
  • What are we supposed to do? The mission of every follower of Jesus Christ (and therefore, every church) is to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). We define discipleship as “helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus.”
  • What are our priorities in accomplishing what we’re supposed to do? Our ministry values are the priorities we place in carrying out the mission: gospel-centered worship, community, service, and growth.
Visit Mission Community Church's website for more information.

What is the vision of Mission Community Church?

We desire to be a marketplace church with wide open doors (Acts 17:16-17; 1 Corinthians 16:7-9), an impact church through which the church and community connect on a consistent basis. We are looking for a space that not only connects people on Sundays for church gatherings, but also allows us to connect with the community around us every day for the glory of God and the spread of His kingdom. Our ideal location is a retail center, downtown borough, community hotspot, or the like. Instead of acquiring a location that’s on the outskirts of town and expecting people to come to us, we want to be where people already are.

How can I learn more about OneMission?

In addition to our sermon series, this season will include in-person and online group discussion forums, celebration events, and regular updates to our website with resources, communications, and new opportunities for you to get involved. The group discussion forums are great opportunities for you to join the conversation and ask specific questions about the church, the mission, the vision, the opportunities, and any next steps.

Why are we focusing on OneMission now?

To put it simply, there is no time like the present. To say a lot has happened in our world over the last year is a gross understatement. Global lockdowns and political, social and economic unrest have pressed hard on people’s mental and emotional health. The spiritual condition of our culture seems to be eroding every minute and the need for Christ’s redemption is as urgent as ever. Meanwhile, within our church community, many are thriving while others have real struggles. In Matthew 9 Jesus says to His disciples about the condition of that day, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” God has ordained the boundaries of our dwelling place to be here in Chester County in 2021 (Acts 17:26-28) and to be here in this church family together. People need to know the good news of Jesus Christ and God has called us to be the messengers of that good news and to glorify Him by loving one another.

What is my role in the church as a servant of God and others?

As believers, we are all called by God to serve one another. Every Christian is given at least one gift from the Holy Spirit to be used for the building up of the church (1 Corinthians 12:7). Scripture also calls all of us to contribute to the daily operation of the church (Proverbs 3:9; 2 Corinthians 9:7), from the unique to the common tasks, without which the church could not carry out its mission. Each of us as believers should actively pray to God and seek counsel from the Holy Scripture and spiritually mature believers to identify our gifts and God’s call for us to serve. During OneMission, there will be opportunities for you to explore this and respond to God’s call.

What opportunities exist at Mission Community Church for me to serve and exercise the gifts God has given me?

Because our ministry values prioritize worship, community, service and growth, we would love to help you identify, understand and ultimately utilize your unique gifts in these areas. We encourage you to introduce yourself to one of the leaders in these respective areas and discuss how you can develop your gifts and service in the church. Check back here shortly for all the opportunities that exist to serve at Mission.

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