This is way more than just a sermon series — rather it’s the resurgence of our church community on mission in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ, and it includes each of us as individual members of His body in this church community.

History of Mission

Since Mission launched back in September 2015, we’ve remained focused on our mission of helping people meet, know, and follow Jesus. What started as a small group of 30-40 committed volunteers meeting at a storefront in Eagleview Town Center turned into 300 people across two gatherings meeting at East Ward Elementary School. Over this time period, 50 people have placed their faith in Jesus for salvation and 70 people have stepped into the waters of baptism as a symbol of their obedience in following Christ.



The word and concept of “one” is simple and straightforward, yet it is layered and rich in its meaning. It communicates both unity and commitment. Unity in the sense that we are of one body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one God and Father — we are one church. Commitment in the sense that when we say we are about “one thing” what we mean is that “one thing” is so important it takes priority over everything else. OneMission is a galvanization as a community that centers around these concepts of unity and commitment to our mission: helping more people meet, know, and follow Jesus!

one family

Each member of the faith family, no matter how insignificant he or she may appear, has a ministry to other members of the family. The family grows as each member of the family grows in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Spiritual unity is not something we manufacture, it’s something we are adopted into because of Jesus. Therefore, as a family, we lock arms around the mission of helping more people meet, know, and follow Jesus. 


one vision

We desire to be an impact church - a marketplace church with wide-open doors. We are looking for a space that not only connects people once a week for church on Sundays but also connects people every day for the glory of God and the advancement of His kingdom.

one offering

As followers of Jesus, we are called to live a lifestyle of extravagant generosity. We consider our money as God’s primary means of providing for us and our families, then we think about giving and generosity as an afterthought. What if God thinks of it the other way around? What if our money is God’s primary means for meeting the physical and spiritual needs of others around us, and then our provision is the afterthought? It’s not about equal gifts, but about equal generosity.


one soul

One meaningful interaction each day for Him is the true difference-maker — one friend, one family member, one coworker, one neighbor, one person at a time hearing the life-transforming message of Jesus. We want to see great numbers of people come to faith in Jesus, we want to see a community revived by the powerful name of Jesus, and the best way to do that is one person at a time. Who’s your one?